jack dempsey growth rate

Electric Blue Acara breeding is something that pretty much anyone can do. They can reach 10 inches in captivity. Eventually I’ll just have these two oscars and the pleco in this tank. Here is the Omega one Cichlid pellets I mentioned. I had bought a Jack dempsey about 5 months ago. So, they need a tank that’s at least 80 gallons. A: We have done a couple of researches in different online forums, most respondents say that Jack dempseys grow relatively slow. Aquarists tend to get mesmerized by the spellbinding beauty of this fish. Malawi bloat is a type of aquarium fish disease that is most common among African cichlids.This disease manifests in the form of symptoms such as swelling in the abdomen, rapid breathing, loss of appetite, discolored feces and lolling at the bottom of the tank. See more ideas about fish, freshwater aquarium fish, aquarium fish. IEC 62380 PDF. If you will be keeping a pair of this species, a 100-gallon tank will give them enough room with plenty of spaces to hide and swim. The Jack Dempsey can reach up to 10 inches long, with thickness to boot. The set up now is only momentary, I have 3 jd cichlids in a 10 gallon the biggest one being an 1.5" long. Thanks

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