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Later episodes had the characters move around Herefordshire, from places like Ross-on-Wye to Welsh Newton Common. Ruth isolates him and realises he has contracted the. Huxley tracks down Laura and Norman, and wages war on the manor. However, the group discovers that Alec is haunted by the memory of his dead wife. Survivors (1975) season 1 episode guide on Andrew orders Jenny, who has displayed an immunity to the virus, to leave London as fast as possible as the countless dead bodies will spread more diseases which she is vulnerable to. Charles spends the night at Richard's halfway house, but soon realises the man has, Charles returns to the farm, which has been re-settled by Brod's former captives. Pet recognises one of them as a convicted criminal, and when Mina finds John's murdered corpse and confronts the pair, they take the children hostage. Meanwhile, Abby arrives at a settlement run by a former trade union president, Arthur Wormley, and learns that he has some inside knowledge of the catastrophe from his contacts in the government. The first episode of series 1 ("The Fourth Horseman") featured several locations in Worcestershire, including Great Malvern railway station. Greg remembers that Vic Thatcher, whom he had helped earlier, had a working tractor. While there, they come up against some armed men who are working on Wormley's behalf. Watch Survivors (1975) - Season 3, Episode 2 - A Little Learning: Jenny is searching for Greg alone. He has set up a small community where he has appointed himself the man in charge of the entire area. The main title caption seen throughout the series, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "2017-19 PRE-ORDERS - AND SPECIAL BUNDLES",, Television series created by Terry Nation, 1970s British science fiction television series, Articles needing additional references from February 2010, All articles needing additional references, Articles needing additional references from December 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. After Vic attempts suicide, the others discuss how depressed he has become and set about finding useful tasks to give him a sense of purpose, such as teaching the children. While there, they come up against some armed men who are working on Wormley's behalf. Jenny has had a baby boy, whom she is naming David. Greg and the others in his group agree to contact other settlements so they can band together and form an alliance against similar attacks. Abby leaves, and finds Greg, Jenny and the children looking for her. Abby, Jenny and Greg are driving towards Abby's home town of Brimpsfield, looking for her son. Gone Away 8.1 30 Apr. Abby leaves on her own and finds the "angels", three religious men who have isolated themselves in the hills. On their return trip from harvesting salt, Charles and Pet meet a sick couple whom they bring to the nearest community for help. The man, Jimmy Garland, takes Abby to the cave where he has been staying: there is instant chemistry between the pair. A visitor spends the night, sneaking off in the morning but not before he notices the tanker full of petrol. The sick woman dies, and the sick man is shot. The travellers arrive at a large community, which has its own brewery and mine. Greg, Tom, Barney and Paul go to Vic's quarry to see what they can get there. To Jenny's surprise, she discovers that John, the boy she has been looking after, is Janet's son. S1, Ep3 30 Apr. Jenny is about to have Greg's baby, and he goes in search of Ruth to help with the delivery. One is a young man, Donny, the other is Anne – the woman who had left Vic to die. 1), Stephen Dudley as John Millon (eps. Referred to as "The Death", the plague kills approximately 4,999 out of every 5,000 human beings on the planet within a matter of weeks of being released. This argument and the clear need for another doctor tempt Ruth to stay, and she enjoys the settlement's electricity and running water. There were two episodes set in London, but they were filmed in the studio and I think down the Tube. 5 – uncredited), Harry Fielder as Larry (ep. Greg and Charles are rescued and taken to the community. Events in this box-set take place between Series 1 and Series 2 of the TV series. Trouble ensues as the gang try to protect the strangers. Back at the settlement, the sick girl, Ruth, recovers and tells them she was a medical student; she mentions that she was staying on a barge with some other people, one of whom was a boy named Peter Grant. Track Survivors (1975) season 2 episodes. Eventually the electricity shuts off, and all public services falter, then eventually cease entirely. Events in this box-set happen between the second and third TV series and in parallel with early episodes of the third. [6][7] On 21 December 2016, Big Finish announced an eighth and ninth volume to be released in 2018.[8]. This page was last edited on 7 December 2020, at 10:18. However, they begin to suffer the effects of the, Ruth brings to Whitecross a small group of young people, who've escaped the effects of an aggressive strain of. Mina becomes fond of John, a man she meets on a river barge, and agrees to meet him later, to serve him lunch in exchange for Wellington boots for the community. Laura is pregnant, and the group is on the run from Huxley, who has taken Laura as his woman but insists on her getting rid of the baby. Survivors is a British post-apocalyptic fiction drama television series created by Terry Nation and produced by Terence Dudley at the BBC, that broadcast from 1975 to 1977. On arrival, they discover that many in the settlement have become mortally ill from poisoned fish. Created by Terry Nation. A community of survivors struggle to stay alive in the wake of a global pandemic known as the Death that wiped out 99.98% of humanity. And so begins the unknown virus which is to change the face of mankind. In his travels, Greg meets a group of men who gain his confidence as he talks about his trip to Norway. New major characters comprising the Whitecross band are Charles' partner Pet Simpson, travelling doctor Ruth Anderson and farmyard labourer Hubert Goss. Abby, Jenny and Greg drive to the nearest large supermarket to stock up on food. Greg and Jenny take the tanker to a neighboring community to trade while the visitors chase them down. Arriving at an old army camp, Charles discovers that credit notes bearing Greg's name are being issued in return for petrol. He attempts suicide but is saved by Charles. Abby, Jenny, and Greg eventually come together and realise they must start again from scratch now that the civilisation they once knew has been destroyed. One of the settlement's leaders, Frank, asks to go with Charles, Jenny, and Hubert, as he is fitted with a. Greg comes home to find Britain just as desolate as Holland. On-camera interviews with Pennant Roberts, Denis Lill. Also included on the 2008 DVD boxset were English language subtitles for the hard-of-hearing, which weren't included on previous DVD releases. They shoot one of Abby's tyres as she escapes. Survivors is a British post-apocalyptic fiction drama television series created by Terry Nation and produced by Terence Dudley at the BBC, that broadcast from 1975 to 1977. They find Ruth, who explains that the 500 are planning to move to the. Greg has driven to the nearest town to get medicine. Upon arriving at the house of one of Hubert's friends, Hubert, Jenny, and Charles discover the man has broken his leg. The trio leaves the following day. They make the exchange and escape, though Jimmy insists he must stay to continue fighting his "war". Season 2 guide for Survivors (1975) TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Charles, Jenny, and Hubert arrive at a religious settlement, where no violence or guns are allowed. The survivors move on to a new settlement led by Charles Vaughan. Travelling to a hydro-electric power station in Scotland, Charles, Jenny, and Hubert meet a local, Stephen Dudley as John Millon (eps. The principal characters of Abby, Greg, Jenny and Tom Price were retained, but new elements were introduced, including a subplot about the origins of the virus and a stronger focus on action. 1, 6, 10), Alfreda Atkinson as Alfreda (ep. He tells them of a young boy he encountered who Abby hopes may be her son. Abby, Jenny and Greg drive to the nearest large supermarket to stock up on food. With Lucy Fleming, Ian McCulloch, Denis Lill, Stephen Dudley. On realising the notes and map notations are written in Norwegian, the men go to the community to capture Agnes, to translate for them. Greg and Jenny see smoke and aim for it. It is deep midwinter, and Abby has gone to reunite with her son. Popular writer Terry Nation (whose work included many scripts for Doctor Who) created the series, but he left the show after the firs… The Fourth Horseman 8.2 16 Apr. Abby continues to look for her son, and finds that not all the gatherings of survivors have altruistic motives. The manor burns down, and several of the group are killed. The show took pains to make sure these characters represented a broader spread of racial and social backgrounds. To install click the Add extension button. Llanarth Court in Monmouthshire was also featured. Primitive equipment meant that many shots suffered from a green tint. Season: OR . He agrees to join them and help. "New World Rising" – documentary on the making of Series 3 produced by Andy Priestner with contributions from directors Peter Jefferies and Tristan DeVere Cole and actors Lucy Fleming and Stephen Dudley (John Millon). A wandering group arrives and requests shelter for a sick woman they are carrying. All series were broadcast on Wednesday evenings on BBC 1, from April 1975 to June 1977. Abby brings Emma and Wendy in Tom's van to the manor, and there they release Tom, who agrees, once again, to help them. Greg helps the best he can. Abby flees the house. It concerns the plight of a group of people who have survived an apocalyptic plague pandemic, which was accidentally released by a Chinese scientist and quickly spread across the world via air travel. Charles is delighted and re-ignites his interest in more of the community having children. "Survivors" is a study of man vs. nature and man vs. man in an attempt to reclaim an unrelenting world. After several adventures on the road, they find a property called The Grange which they can use as a base and, joined by other survivors, they form a potted community of disparate individuals all united by a shared purpose; to relearn the old skills of farming and tool-making, and to try to live in this new world. Survivors ran on the BBC from 1975 to 1977, and it garnered a sizeable cult following that were likely disappointed by the swift cancellation of the show’s recent remake. Having received a message from Greg, Charles and Jenny go to Greg's last known location. 11 – uncredited). Season 3 guide for Survivors (1975) TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. She shuts herself away with her baby, and Hubert begins to spread a rumour that she is a witch. Hubert is helping out with the cows, which he believes have. Survivors, featuring interviews with actors Lucy Fleming, Ian McCulloch, and Carolyn Seymour, director Pennant Roberts, and scriptwriter Martin Worth, was broadcast on 5 December 2006, as part of the channel's Science Fiction Britannia series. They need her because of her medical training, as many people are falling ill, owing to rats and a mysterious, deadly "London sickness". There are a great number of technical and continuity errors visible as the series was shot quickly on early video cameras, which did not work well in the gloomy conditions in which much of the programme was shot. Travelling with Agnes, Greg arrives at a community run by children. Jenny packs her bags and leaves for the country to look for more survivors. Extensive use was made of the Severn Valley Railway. The manor burns down, and several of the group are killed. The five travellers leave after the three men have died. However, the audio commentaries, on-camera interviews, Denis Lill's photo collection and New World Rising documentary from previous DVD releases were not included on the 2008 DVD boxset. Arriving there, they find a military-run community which appears hostile. In modern-day London, a young woman named Jenny visits her friend Andrew, a physician who is working in a city hospital, to ask him to come see a mutual friend, Pat, who has become ill. Track Survivors (1975) season 3 episodes. 1975 5-13), Christopher Reich as Dr. Andrew Tyler (ep. They follow, but after a failure of the brakes, Greg has parked it in a barn. Back at the manor, Knox is torturing Jimmy to reveal the whereabouts of the girl. They run across settlement members, Charles and Loraine, who themselves have just found a young boy, Mick. As the world's population is almost annihilated by a mysterious pandemic, accidentally unleashed by an unnamed Chinese scientist, the crisis is first seen through the eyes of two characters—Jenny Richards, a young working woman in London who is naturally immune to the disease, and Abby Grant, a middle-class corporate wife living a comfortable existence in a suburban commuter village who caught the virus but barely recovered, while her husband died. The survivors move on to a new settlement led by Charles Vaughan. The group leaves Lincoln behind and rejoins Abby at the "angels'" cabin. The hospital clientele has suffered a high number of deaths from the mysterious disease, but the Home Secretary has instructed the hospital staff to keep it quiet, telling the public it is merely a flu epidemic. ... and Abby has gone to reunite with her son. The man tells the group that armed men calling themselves "The British Government" recently came, taking many of his supplies. Two strangers on the run from a possessive merchant fall under the mercy of Abby, Jenny, Greg and the Gang. Greg and Charles call a meeting with representatives from local communities with a view to the groups' helping each other out and providing protection from attack if needed. The trio's journey will take them right across what is left of the United Kingdom as their search leads them to various dead ends. Abby meanwhile, needing some peace, leaves the settlement to seek out Jimmy Garland, and stays with him in his house. Later, when Jenny, Greg, and the children set out to follow Abby, Lincoln takes Lizzie hostage, but she is saved by her dog. 1; 2; 3; 1. Events in this box-set happen between the episodes of the second TV series. 4 – uncredited), Kelly Varney as Tom Walter (ep. 1975 3. Terry Nation’s Survivors rediscovered – Season 1, episodes 7 to 13. They leave with an agreement to trade food for medicine. There is much opposition to this from the women, including Sally, who forces herself to miscarry. Abby, tired of her role as the leader, retreats and talks it over with Jenny, who reveals she is pregnant with Greg's child. Meanwhile, Charles and Greg talk about furthering their community for the future and working to become completely self-sufficient. They decide that the petrol is very valuable and decide to trade it to a nearby community for food and seed. Photo gallery – A collection of BBC photos from the Series 3 episode. One of the community members, Lewis, reveals himself to be a. Lights of London: Part 1. For the beginning of series 2 the focus moved to a new location, at Callow Hill Farm, near Monmouth (but again just within Herefordshire), as "Whitecross". She comes across Tom Price, who offers her food in return for favours. While Jimmy is finding another vehicle for Abby she is captured by Knox, who convinces her his intentions for Garland's estate are reasonable and honourable, and she agrees to find Jimmy and play mediator between them. Additionally, Greg and Paul go to a nearby town and find Vic a proper wheelchair. After a heavy downpour, the others find that the crops have been washed out and the store of food in the cellar has been flooded and destroyed. In search of the power station specialist, Alec, the group arrives at his settlement. The man directs them to take him to the house of a nearby veterinarian, named Janet. TV show guide for Survivors (1975). The others have found a large manor house with plenty of land for grazing nearby sheep and growing vegetables. The others question "Alistair", who admits his crime and says that he has been rehabilitated. The three men find him, steal the tanker, and drive away, speeding down a hill. Corn Dolly 7.8 7 May 1975 5. The third opens the fuel tank, allowing the petrol to spill onto the ground and states his intention to spill all of it, and Greg shoots him dead. As Abby goes in search of her son Peter, who was away at boarding school when the pandemic occurred, Jenny wanders aimlessly through the countryside. They run across settlement members, Charles and Loraine, who themselves have just found a young boy, Mick. The only flaw in this television series, is the camera work, especially in season one, seemed somewhat stilted. As the men go to the hut to retrieve the girl, they are surprised as Greg bursts through the door with a shotgun, demanding that Knox's men let Jimmy go. Jenny finds it a challenge to survive on her own. Survivors (1975–1977) Episode Guide. Each series set included a colour booklet written and researched by Survivors fan Andy Priestner chronicling the making of each series, plus the following extra features: On 24 November 2008, the BBC company 2 Entertain released all three series of Survivors together in a boxset, with the BBC4 documentary The Cult of Survivors from 2006 included as an extra. The men threaten to shoot them if they take the food and insist they sign up at the community. They encourage him to face his fears, which brings him to a breaking point. 1975 2. Abby, Greg, and Jenny go to find him but discover he is dead, but is not Abby's son. Brockhampton Court near How Caple, Herefordshire was used as "Waterhouse" in the episode "Garland's War". Finally, the arrival of Norwegian survivors brings the possibility of re-establishing worldwide contact and technology. Survivors (1975) This is a 38-episode drama series about the aftermath of a virulent plague that has wiped out 95% of the Earth's population. A man, Paul Pitman, arrives and tells them he knows about farming and tells them their methods are futile, but he can help. It is led by Huxley, who travels around different communities offering food and other items in exchange for gold. The mother and son are reunited for the first time in two years. However, when the boat returns, two other men have taken residence, and John is nowhere to be found, though one of the men is wearing John's hat. Agnes tells Charles that they have a million gallons stored there. He meets up with Jenny, Agnes, and Hubert there. He is the rightful owner of the Waterhouse manor but has been evicted by a larger group, led by Knox. Not being used to the effects of alcohol, things get a little out of hand and the gang vote on a suitable punishment for those at fault. This culminates in the tentative return of law and order, and the quest to restore power through hydroelectricity. A number of community members begin to believe this, and Mina decides to leave. [2] The Cult of... series also included documentaries on Blake's 7 (another series devised by Terry Nation) and Doomwatch (produced by Terence Dudley). Survivors (1975–1977) Episode List. The group is led by a duplicitous, manipulative operations manager named Manny, and a physician who informs Ruth that only a group numbering 500 or more can survive; a smaller community would become extinct within several generations. Wendy, a young woman living with an older woman, Emma, leaves their house in search of food. Jenny rushes out to tell her the news that her son is still alive. Genesis 8.2 23 Apr. Meanwhile, Lawson has met up with two friends and tells them of the tanker. Year: Season 2. 1 – uncredited), Amanda Humby as Betty (ep. Photo gallery – A collection of BBC photos from Series 2. Greg and Paul arrive at a temporary settlement packed with provisions. While there he meets Jenny and takes her into his car after she collapses. Watch Survivors (1975) - Season 1, Episode 13 - A Beginning: Abby is tiring of life at the grange and her thoughts turn to resuming her search for her son. The show received mixed reviews, but initial viewing figures were strong. "On Location" mute footage – A 75 second mute film of certain behind the scenes happenings during the recording of the Series 1 episode. However, they meet a broad spectrum of other survivors along the way, and the series continues to explore alternative reactions to the Death and what it takes to survive. "Revelation" and "Exodus" depict events happening in parallel with the early episodes of the first TV series, as the Death first takes hold and wipes out much of the UK's population. The man, Jimmy Garland, takes Abby to the cave where he has been staying: there is instant chemistry between the pair. They settle there and meet Barney, a simple-minded and scared young man. The truck's brakes fail to work and two of the men are killed. Believing Greg is being held captive, they search for him but are locked up. A sniper is going round other areas and shooting women. Survivors (TV Series 1975–1977) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. That's it. Jenny escapes and shoots a guard, while Charles learns that it is actually a medical research centre, and the military aspect is a facade to ward off looters. Notable guest stars in the series included Patrick Troughton, Peter Jeffrey, Brian Blessed, George Baker, Philip Madoc, Bryan Pringle, Iain Cuthbertson, and Peter Bowles.

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