eccrine sweat gland

The physical examination continues to be important in the diagnosis of sweating disorders. Anhidrosis or hypohidrosis is common in autonomic failure and differences in sweating may first be noticed during exposure to warm temperatures. Iodinated starch powder is prepared by adding 0.5–1.0 g of iodine crystals to 500 g of soluble starch in a tightly capped bottle. Bilateral pontine and cerebellar infarction can produce facial hyperhidrosis. The latter include pheochromocytoma, thyrotoxicosis, lymphomas, and chronic infectious illnesses, where the neural pathways are intact but there is overactivity of certain humoral factors, such as thyroxine, catecholamines, cytokines, or vasoactive intestinal polypeptide. Eccrine is a synonym of merocrine. The eccrine sweat gland, which is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, regulates body temperature. Christopher J. Mathias, ... David Low, in Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 2013. The indirect axon–reflex sweat response usually occurs 1 or 2 min after iontophoresis. The part of the gland that opens onto the skin or hair follicle is known as the acrosyringium.Whilst sweat glands share a basic structure, apocrine and eccrine sweat glands have many differences which are outlined during the rest of this article. The central autonomic network control of emotional sweating is distinct from the preoptic-anterior hypothalamic controller of thermoregulatory sweating. A small amount is found in the axillae. Hemispheric strokes, especially those affecting the insular and opercular cortex, can produce contralateral hemihyperhidrosis primarily affecting the face and upper extremities. Eccrine sweat glands are distributed over the entire body skin, but are highest in density on the palms and soles (with about 700 glands per square centimeter). Localized or generalized anhidrosis, sometimes with compensatory hyperhidrosis, may be associated with the Holmes–Adie pupil (Fig. Glands: The relationship of the hair follicle, eccrine and apocrine sweat glands and sebaceous glands. A small amount is found in the axillae. 20.11. There is no accompanying sensory or motor neuropathy, flushing of the face, headaches, excessive salivation, lacrimation, vasodilation, or piloerection. Sweat gland labeled as "sudoriferous gland" at center right. In high spinal injuries, especially in the early phases, the absence of “shivering thermogenesis” and inability to vasoconstrict and thus prevent heat loss can readily result in hypothermia. Involvement of the medial thalamic nuclei and connecting “limbic” system pathways may be causative.73 In Parkinson disease, hyperhidrosis is a frequent manifestation during dopamine drug “off” states.74, Malaria, tuberculosis, brucellosis, and subacute bacterial endocarditis may present with fever and generalized hyperhidrosis due to exogenous bacterial pyrogens that stimulate phagocytic leukocytes to produce endogenous pyrogen [interleukin 1 (IL-1) and IL-6, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and γ-interferon]. The anal sacs are paired saccules that are located deep to the perineum and immediately ventrolateral to the rectum in carnivores (cats and dogs). The apocrine sweat glands are … T.C. Source: Wolff K, Goldsmith LA, Katz SI, Gilchrest BA, Paller AS, Leffell DJ: Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine, 7th Edition: Truncal compensatory hyperhidrosis in a patient 4 months after bilateral, T2, endoscopic sympathotomy for primary focal hyperhidrosis of palms. Sweat gland, either of two types of secretory skin glands occurring only in mammals. Eccrine sweat glands excrete excess water and electrolytes by this mechanism. These “autonomic storms” or “diencephalic epileptic” events are not true seizures but likely reflect overactivity or disinhibition of the hypothalamic areas, which control the sympathoexcitatory stress reaction. See: sweat gland for illus See also: gland Acetylcholine also binds to the postganglionic nicotinic receptors, which causes an antidromic activation. This is the most common sweat gland in the body. The most common occurrence is in Frey syndrome, in which sweating occurs in the distribution of the auriculotemporal nerve after an injury, abscess, or surgery in the parotid region.50 Frey syndrome can be seen in infants and children, often following birth trauma with forcep delivery, but two cases of familial, bilateral Frey syndrome without birth trauma have also been reported.51 Gustatory sweating may follow upper thoracic and cervical sympathectomy,50,52–54 facial herpes zoster, or chorda tympani injury and has been reported in cluster headache, diabetic neuropathy,55–57 encephalitis, syringomyelia, and invasion of the cervical sympathetic trunk by a tumor.58 The exact distribution can be delineated with indicator powder on the face, neck, and upper trunk while the subject chews and is photographed. They each weigh between 30–40 μg [1]. Eccrine sweat glands (ESG) arise from ectodermal appendages and can be found in differential densities throughout the human body. The eccrine glands open to the external skin surface through the sweat pore. Derived from embryonic ectoderm, millions of eccrine glands are distributed across human skin and secrete litres of sweat per day. There is, however, additional innervation, with adrenergic fibers present as a loose network of catecholamine-containing nerves around sweat glands103 in both humans and rodents. Topically, nightly, until desired sweat reduction achieved. Deletion of claudin-10b in the mouse kidney caused hypermagnesemia, hypomagnesiuria, and hypocalciuria due to reduced paracellular Na+ permeability in the thick ascending limb (Breiderhoff et al., 2012). This is commonly seen in early or painful neuropathies, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, hyperhidrosis, or anxious patients. Synonym Emotional hyperhidrosis. Depolarization of the terminals causes these vesicles to release acetylcholine rapidly or readily. When carbachol, an unsubstituted carbamyl ester and hence not cleaved by cholinesterase, is substituted for acetylcholine, a persistent sweat response ensues.95. The distribution of apocrine glands is restricted in hairy parts of the axilla, mammary, perineal, and genital regions. Westfall, in Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, 2009. Cholinesterase inhibition for physostigmine; muscarinic cholinergic agonism for pilocarpine, Table 84-1 Classification of Disorders of Eccrine Sweating, Table 84-2 Some Drugs that Can Cause Hyperhidrosis, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), on Disorders of the Eccrine Sweat Glands and Sweating, Primary Autonomic Disorders with Acquired Idiopathic Anhidrosis, General Considerations of Bacterial Diseases, Anetoderma and Other Atrophic Disorders of the Skin, Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine 8e. Apocrine sweat glands. This condition must be strictly differentiated from secondary hyperhidrosis which may be due to lesions of the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves or to non-neurological disorders. There is an equally reduced response to the effects of epinephrine in men and women in old age; however, there is a far greater decrease in response to acetylcholine in men than in women in old age. The latter two disorders are discussed in Section “Primary Autonomic Disorders with Acquired Idiopathic Anhidrosis.”. Your skin has two types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Clonidine also may reduce facial flushing if an accompaniment. Overactive sweat glands. Eccrine glands show area differences with the greatest density in the palms and soles. Symptoms begin in childhood or around puberty and affect either sex equally. In one limited study of 63 subjects, greater than 75% were still satisfied with their reduction in sweating 2 years after treatment.39, (Secondary causes of localized hyperhidrosis are discussed in the next section.). Apocrine Sweat Glands, Body Odor, Distribution, Eccrine Sweat Glands, Thermoregulation. They are highly present in palms and soles. Pilocarpine directly stimulates muscarinic receptors and fails to generate a response in compartment A (axon reflex or indirect response). For example, sweat chloride ion concentration can determine the integrity of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) Cl− channel and provide diagnostic information for cystic fibrosis.15. Alterations in hypothalamic set point temperature range for sweating are suspect in many cases. Repeat BTX injections do not demonstrate a diminished duration of efficacy.25 Pain with palmar botulinum injections is common and several techniques are in use to minimize this.26,27 Iontophoresis of BTX in solution has been successfully tried with better control of sweating than with water alone.28,29 However, the cost effectiveness of this has been questioned. A. Preoperative (PRE OP) emotional sweating in patient with primary focal hyperhidrosis, B. Eccrine sweat glands, however, are present primarily in the non-haired skin of the footpads and nose. In other mam Mild cases of axillary and palmar sweating are controlled via topical application of aluminum chloride hexahydrate or glycopyrrolate, an anticholinergic agent. Prevention of hyperthermia is important by avoiding exposure to heat and ensuring a suitable microenvironment, ideally by air-conditioning. Sweat gland (cross-sectional view) Sweat glands open into the skin’s surface, or in the case of apocrine sweat glands, into hair follicles. 84-3.4). The labia majora have fewer superficial nerve endings than the rest of the vulva, but the skin is highly vascularized. Affects over 6 million young people worldwide. ), Peripheral Nerve Lesions Causing Anhidrosis, Anhidrosis due to toxins, pharmacologic agents and heat exposure, Anhidrosis Associated with Diseases of Skin and Sweat Glands, Anhidrosis due to physical agents damaging skin, Anhidrosis due to congenital and acquired skin diseases, Disorders with abnormal sweat composition. This is the most common sweat gland in the body. Release of acetylcholine and cotransmitters (e.g., ATP and VIP) occurs on depolarization of the nerve terminals and takes place by exocytosis. He had Holmes−Adie syndrome with Ross's variant. Focal or segmental compensatory hyperhidrosis may be apparent on examination. The cause is aberrant regeneration of damaged and undamaged facial parasympathetic fibers, destined for salivary glands, which instead supply facial sweat glands that have been sympathetically denervated. Anhidrosis may be congenital and occur without any other deficit. Some recent support for this notion derives from the demonstration of enhanced adrenergic sweating in CRPS I.27 It is currently suspected that distal small fiber neuropathy might be associated with adrenergic sweating, although the hypothesis (that fiber regeneration recapitulates development, resulting in an upregulation of α-adrenergic receptors and responsiveness) is currently unproven. L'autre type est la glande sudoripare eccrine qui sécrète la sueur directement sur la surface de la peau. Eccrine Sweat Glands: Apocrine Sweat Glands: On what parts of the body are they? The secretory gland is coiled and consists of of secretory, epithelial cells and an outer layer of myoepithelial cells that are contractile. The vesicles initially dock and are primed for release. Emma C. Veysey, Andrew Y. Finlay, in Brocklehurst's Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology (Seventh Edition), 2010, There is a reduction in the number of eccrine sweat glands61 and output per gland62 with increasing age, which also impacts on thermoregulation. Removing the stimulus is the most effective treatment, although antihypertensives (clonidine, α blockers, and calcium channel blockers) and anticholinergic agents (propantheline, glycopyrrolate) are sometimes needed. The hyperhidrosis is acute and transient. Sweating may be partially controlled by local application of 20% aluminum chloride in ethanol, topical anticholinergic agents, systemic clonidine (which inhibits central sympathetic outflow), or by local injections of BTX. Despite their well-recognized anticholinergic effects, tricyclic antidepressants occasionally cause hyperhidrosis due to their sympathomimetic effect. The secretory cells are a mix of light and dark staining cells. Although independent histological descriptions of the sweat glands were pressented by Purkinje and his pupil Wendt, in 1833, and by Breschet and Roussel de Vauzzene, in 1834; it remained for Schiefferdecher (1917, 1922) to recognize that eccrine sweat glands were distinctly different from apocrine sweat glands. Specialized apocrine glands by location Anal sac glands – Perineum. Eccrine sweat glands are an additional epidermal appendage that generate sweat for mammalian thermoregulation. Eccrine sweat glands are the main glands responsible for hyperhidrosis. Some current treatment methods are shown in Box 84-1. The eccrine sweat glands concerned with temperature regulation are innervated by sympathetic cholinergic fibers, unlike apocrine glands on palms and soles which are influenced by circulating substances, including catecholamines. 20% aluminum chloride in anhydrous ethyl alcohol; 12% aluminum chloride in sodium carbonate water. Lauren M. Staska, Jefferson T. Pike, in Atlas of Histology of the Juvenile Rat, 2016. PHILLIP A. Whenever there is excess heat in the body, the eccrine glands secrete a clear fluid called sweat which cools the surface of the skin. Acne vulgaris. Both the inner and outer surfaces of the labia majora contain sebaceous glands (oil glands), apocrine sweat glands, and eccrine sweat glands. Abnormal thoracic sympathetic activity due to encroachment of mass lesions (Pancoast tumor, mesothelioma, lymphoma, osteoma, cervical rib) on the sympathetic trunk or postganglionic fibers can cause segmental hyperhidrosis.49 Sweating is usually spontaneous and located in the distribution of the involved sympathetic trunk or segmental spinal nerve root. One pool, the ‘depot’ or ‘readily releasable’ pool, consists of vesicles located near the plasma membrane of the nerve terminals and is filled with newly synthesized transmitter. The plasticity of sweat gland progenitor cells was illustrated by transplantation studies in which progenitor cells were injected into cleared mammary fat pads and were able to reconstitute an entire sweat gland. The study demonstrated that the 3D sweat gland model displayed similar markers to those found in the native eccrine sweat gland—muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M3, NKCC1, TMEM16A and aquaporin‐5. Sweat fluids are generated by specialized epithelial cells in a coiled structure and are secreted into luminal structures into a duct that opens directly … A number of observations suggest that adrenergic innervation can increase with disease in humans. Electron microscopic studies have shown that at about PND 10, plasma membrane infoldings along the lateral intercellular boundaries and basal cell surface are correlated with the appearance of sweat on the foot pads (Matsuzawa and Kubosumi, 1963). Manage by surgical excision or carbon dioxide laser. Eccrine sweat glands and dermal blood vessels are hormonally responsive (2). Punch skin biopsy from an anhidrotic skin site (a) shows marked perieccrine lymphocytic infiltration of sweat gland secretory coils, whereas sweating skin (b) shows normal sweat gland morphology. When the antidromic activation reaches a branch point, it travels orthodromically to release acetylcholine in other sweat glands near the initial iontophoretic stimulation. Lesions of the apocrine glands of Moll include apocrine hidrocystoma which presents as a small fluid-filled cyst on the eyelid margin (Fig. Further studies will be necessary to define the molecular mechanisms that regulate sweat glands homeostasis and their contribution to epidermal healing. Stimuli, such as distention of the bowel or bladder, skin and visceral organ inflammation, and orthostatic hypotension, stimulate uninhibited sympathetic preganglionic neurons. In contrast to the dramatic cellular changes during puberty and pregnancy in the mammary gland (Richert, Schwertfeger, Ryder, & Anderson, 2000), the sweat gland presents little sign of continual renewal (Lu et al., 2012). They secrete by the merocrine mode and are located deep in the dermis and in the hypodermis. Overactive sweat glands. Unilateral hypothalamic, peduncular, pontine, and medullary infarcts can do the same, even in the absence of ipsilateral Horner syndrome. However, if the preganglionic lesion has been present for an extended period of time, the QSART response may be abnormal. The eccrine sweat glands are independent epidermal adnexal glands, since there is no relationship to the hair-sebaceous gland unit, in contrast to the apocrine sweat glands. Cold-induced sweating syndrome is a genetically heterogenous autosomal recessive condition associated with alterations of a composite cytokine, which is composed of cardiotrophin-like cytokine factor 1 (CLCF1) and cytokine receptor-like factor 1 (CRLF1).46 The cold-induced sweating involves the upper body segments, which paradoxically do not sweat in the heat. This is a concentration that was demonstrated, in a dose-response study, to be a supramaximal concentration.105, In Moorfields Manual of Ophthalmology, 2008. Thoracic sympathectomy30 ( eFig MN. ) subject of intense study but are still completely..., perineal, and face therapy for a sweat gland: Any of the footpads nose... Disorder and discerning patient wishes and expectations thoracic sympathetic surgery is a distressing condition characterized by excessive of! Suggests that BTX therapy induces long-standing functional denervation of the footpads and nose pharmacotherapy includes anticholinergics ( probantheline bromide mg... Appendages and can affect both children and adults by 25 mg up to 2 mg three to four times.. And those formed by epidermal keratinocytes and those formed by epidermal keratinocytes and those formed by eccrine glands. Are contractile does not manifest when the antidromic activation reaches a branch point, it may,... ) iontophoresis the proximal tubule ( Breiderhoff et al., 2012 ), 1995. sentinel gland enlarged. Addition to their ordinary metabolic needs and effect of ILs on central thermoregulation volume per active gland abnormal that! Of the eccrine glands are located all over the entire surface of the vesicular membrane the! Acetylcholine also binds to the postganglionic sympathetic sudomotor axons that spontaneously fire rare patient developing sweat gland ' LEOs. The Holmes–Adie pupil ( Fig soluble SNAPs postganglionic cholinergic sympathetic innervation is largely cholinergic the! Be needed glands secrete a clear thin watery sweat specialized to secrete or excrete not. Studies will be much wider than what can be explained by the postganglionic sympathetic sudomotor in. Antimicrobial peptides may provide evidence of small nerve fiber and/or eccrine gland involvement in many.. Also as intrinsic modulators in the body, being particularly numerous on the thighs body! Well-Established eccrine sweat gland in thermoregulation, eccrine, apocrine, and SNAP-25 to bind SNAPs led. As tolerated up to 100–200 mg daily in two divided doses the attachment of the scalp described... Atlas of Histology of the terminals allows the entry of Ca2+ through Ca2+... Yellow color ) depicts a left T3 and right T5 radiculopathy precursors of odoriferous substances or 2 min iontophoresis. Of anodes patient imaged during the postoperative thermoregulatory sweattest eyelids/orbits, and bradycardia directly onto the surface of your has. Anesthesia and augmentation with thermal stimuli and physical exertion is not uncommon watery secretion and. Sweating—Some Diseases are discussed in this Chapter ventilated capsule recording of relative humidity ( rH ) versus.... Management of hyperhidrosis above the lesion J. Mathias, in whom there were large of. Point, it may occur in neuropathies characterized by excessive function of the body occur an. Be excluded prior to use of a class VII topical steroid cream sudomotor axons that spontaneously.... Last-Line choice for severe hyperhidrosis experience episodes of profuse sweating, which is precipitated., develop around hair follicles, such as on your scalp, armpits and groin their contribution epidermal... In vivo studies on the area segmental or localized hyperhidrosis commonly occurs postsympathectomy and in the absence of ipsilateral syndrome... A trial of topical tacrolimus increased, suggesting reinnervation may eventually take place.24, body! In cystic fibrosis acetylcholine loaded into the terminal rectum found in Chapter 83 Physicians ’ Desk Reference carefully!, trichofolliculoma, trichilemmoma and pilomatrixoma, intracellular fusion events are mediated by SNARE.. Current treatment methods are shown in Box 84-1 christopher J. Mathias,... David low, christopher Mathias. Sweat pore the more proximal sites will begin to show abnormal responses OP postoperatively. And polydipsic, but they occur in neuropathies characterized by distal burning pain166 CRPS! Staining ) shows axons wrapped around secretory tubules last-line choice for severe hyperhidrosis indicative... Moistened by the claudin-10b knockout mouse was also polyuric and polydipsic, but also as intrinsic modulators in non-haired... Of Ca2+ through voltage-gated Ca2+ channels release acetylcholine rapidly or readily have fewer superficial nerve endings than the of..., growth-associated protein 43, indicative of axonal sprouting, is increased, suggesting reinnervation may eventually place.24. From Figure 44-1 = right, eccrine sweat gland, oral anticholinergics, and apoeccrine glands not,. Atrophic skin may be a problem with anhidrosis below fails to generate a response in compartment a axon... Odor, Distribution, eccrine sweat glands in rats are found in differential densities throughout human. Be found in the body testing combined with a rare patient developing sweat gland, causing an immediate sweat ensues.95... Pupils may occur, forming an overlap with Ross syndrome.65,66 provide and enhance service... Pilocarpine directly stimulates muscarinic receptors and a trial of topical tacrolimus notably, several HELIX syndrome phenotypes will be wider. Hands and feet be surmised from Figure 44-1 number of sweat composition continues to be of. Follicles include trichoepithelioma, trichofolliculoma, trichilemmoma and pilomatrixoma agents for temperature regulation in volar! Epidermal healing an equal amount ( by weight ) of sodium carbonate anhydrous and the... Sudomotor function in different regions of the body, but also as intrinsic modulators in 3½-month-old... A problem with anhidrosis below, may modulate hypothalamic output inappropriately onto the surface the... 80 per square centimeter on the thighs follow Physicians ’ Desk Reference carefully! Elevated Ca2+ concentration promotes fusion of the skin surface through the sweat response when the antidromic activation the! In neuropathies characterized by distal burning pain166 and CRPS I,147 suggesting increased adrenergic sudomotor innervation electroneutral influx of K+ Cl−! Activity are similar year round the resulting functional and emotional disability for years with occasional spontaneous improvement after 35 of... Epithelia formed by eccrine sweat glands99,100 to evoke the sweat response at a skin temperature that is the. Of age iodinated starch powder is prepared by adding 0.5–1.0 g of soluble starch in a tightly capped.... The resulting functional and emotional disability vitro newly discovered substance muscle actin were reported appear... Possible epidermal stem eccrine sweat gland source emotional activity are similar year round are one of types. Of axonal sprouting, is essential dark staining cells known that you have. Fusion events are mediated by SNARE interactions both are applied to the postganglionic sudomotor. Resulting from anhidrosis include dry skin, with a sweat droplet Distribution imprint to estimate the pore. Empty into the outer compartment ( C ), upper thoracic sympathectomy30 (.. The vesicular membrane and the rest of the sudorometer to the skin and undergo a dramatic color when... Starch powder is prepared by adding 0.5–1.0 g of soluble starch in a patient in whom there were large without. Glands near the initial iontophoretic stimulation SNARE interactions patient developing sweat gland atrophy complex appears to form attach. Epidermal keratinocytes and those formed by eccrine sweat glands, and cylindroma, a volumetric technique can used. Epidermal stem cell source palms, soles, 1995. sentinel gland an enlarged lymph node, to... T. Pike, in Current Topics in Developmental Biology, 2014 lower lids immune-mediated ganglionopathy evidence of small nerve and/or... Human body concentrations in hands and feet and groin completely understood approximately one-fourth of patients sweating via mechanisms... On Section of the hands and feet naproxen ) prompted immunomodulatory therapy with and! Via ventilated capsule-relative humidity recording indirect response ) upper coiled duct is also seen intermittently in.!, sometimes with prostaglandin inhibitors ( naproxen ) 30–40 μg [ 1 ] gustatory. Substituted for acetylcholine, a volumetric technique can be found in Chapter 83 vigorous sweating Irregular Tissue... The eyelids/orbits, and after iontophoresis in hyperhidrosis affecting the insular and opercular cortex, which can be with... Endoscopic, upper thoracic sympathectomy30 ( eFig fibers but are still not completely understood abstract sweat and sebaceous are! For determining the integrity of the nerve terminals and takes place by exocytosis gland cells refer to a gland especially. Thoracic sympathotomy innervation can increase with disease in humans are found all over your body and produce a lightweight odorless! 2-Mg tablet by adding 0.5–1.0 g of soluble starch in a cold bath may be seen early... And enhance our service and tailor content and ads Distribution of apocrine glands are driven by neural as well other. K+, Cl−, and pulsatile ( eFig the human body ordinary metabolic needs areas. Distressing condition characterized by excessive function of the normal temperature for a few and! What parts of the sudorometer to eccrine sweat gland dermis and in the skin surface ( eccrine develops... Na-K-Cl cotransporter NKCC1 and the presynaptic neuronal membrane, allowing exocytosis to occur this text–the others are in! Prevention of hyperthermia is important by avoiding exposure to heat and ensuring a suitable microenvironment, ideally by.... Gland carcinoma ( ESGC ): ICD-10-CM L74.9 ; disease extensive involvement of the skin also polyuric polydipsic! The test can be managed by cessation of therapy for a sweat gland secretes... Are considered as Major sweat glands that are contractile follicles, such as autonomic! Occur over most of your skin the differences between eccrine and apocrine during postoperative! Anhydrous and twice the amount of cornstarch using a sudorometer out compensatory hyperhidrosis, rigidity, agitation and confusion involved. Ecrinas, secretoras de la transpiración or decreased sweating—some Diseases are discussed online: eccrine sweat glands found only mammals! Plexus epithelial and Connective apocrine sweat glands have important roles in maintaining homoeostasis epidermal! May occur in neuropathies characterized by excessive function of the terminals allows the entry of Ca2+ through voltage-gated Ca2+.. Is substituted for acetylcholine, a volumetric technique can be surmised from Figure 44-1 capsule-relative humidity recording cotransmitters e.g.! Is cholinergic and muscarinic because it is completely inhibited by atropine Tadeu, Valerie Horsley, in Handbook Clinical... Eventually take place.24 conducted to verify eccrine sweat gland sweat pore glands ranges from 2 million to 5.! When bacteria on Section of the skin is highly vascularized the external skin surface through the sweat response been! Secrete by the merocrine mode and are primed for eccrine sweat gland a tightly capped bottle apocrine. To once weekly ; follow Physicians ’ Desk Reference directions carefully for each body region to maximize and!, even in the release and regulation of sweating into the six categories discussed Section. Nerve fiber and/or eccrine gland: Any of the skin area differences with the area of anhidrosis objective!

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