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They are paid to review books and give them content that is ready to use. BookSirens is one of the best ARC review services on the web to help get your book reviewed. If you become a trusted book reviewer we may consider offering you a job as a paid book reviewer. US Review of Books. There are some unique categories for writing reviews like travel destinations and recipes which are not available on any other paid review websites. A Red Feather Romance promotion will help you to drive sales of your book, find a new audience of readers, generate reviews for your book, spike KENP reads, and improve your book rank on retail sites. Shortly after you order, you will receive great content. At Kirkus, you can get paid around $50 each for 350 word book reviews. The US Review of Books covers all books and organizes them by genre, but you may use the search feature to locate a book by author, title, reviewer, or any relevant text string. Self-Publishing Review: Self-Publishing Review, an online magazine that features coverage of the indie book world as well as editing services, offers a number of options for paid reviews. You’ll get a free copy of the book and you’ll get paid for your review of that book. Many of these sites not only review books but also accept guest posts, do cover reveals, and participate in blog tours. 2. See our most recent book reviews. After that trial period, you will then begin to be paid for your book reviews. Reviews are expected to be at least 500 words for adult literature and at least 300 for children’s books. Get Paid To Write Reviews Online: 10 Ways To Earn Free Cash & Products. Online Book Club not only sends free books to its reviewers, but it also pays up to $60 per review of each book! The website also offers the opportunity to get ARC's at or near no charge. This will be paid to you as well as you will receive a copy of the book for you to keep. Getting paid to read books with Online Book Club is easy. Free Book Review. Online Book Club. 10 Ways To Get Paid To Read Books Online: 1. Online Book Club requires your first review be unpaid, but you'll still get a free book to review! You can earn $5 to $60 per review depending upon the book being reviewed. US Review of Books: This is a free monthly newsletter of book reviews covering both fiction and non-fiction. How does Kirkus decide which Indie reviews get published in the magazine and in the email newsletter? Read amazing classics like: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen White Fang by Jack London A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens War of the Worlds by H.G. Accepts: Free and discounted books Paid promotion from: $110 3. This is another book review site that will pay you to read books and draft an honest review. Get paid to review is one interesting technique that you can use to make money online very easy and securely. Then, select a book to read. After your initial review, most projects offer $5 to $60. There are no do-overs. We pay our trusted book reviewers $10 to $50 depending on how in-depth the review is. Since the beginning of time and evolution of businesses and products, reviews were and still are the main reason why people succeed. The U.S. Review Of Books. Your first few reviews for Online Book Club will be unpaid, but you will get all reading material for free. 3 – The US Review of Books Online Book Club. Get book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads around your book launch. There are quite a few services that will pay you to write a review on their business and products. You can then use it to draw attention to your work. Literary Agent Freelance Reading . See our first chapter book reviews. Ciao is one of the most famous paid survey websites which also pay its users for writing reviews on various products. Any book you do a review on will also be free. Share 118; Tweet; Pin 51; If you have a talent for writing, you could get paid to write online reviews for various brands. An e-commerce lawyer has the knowledge and experience in these regulations and how the online laws may affect the company. Once you complete that book, write an honest review about it. Post honest reviews about the book. is a great experience in the fact that you are able to review books for great books, a lot of time by independent authors, so Scott's great not for profit website gives the opportunity to find reviews by many different reviewers all on one forum. Get redeemed, so to say. Find out in this article. While you won't usually charge authors for a review, you can earn income in a variety of ways, such as through Amazon's affiliate program, ad programs such as AdSense, and by selling ad space to authors and publishers. Although they don't specify exactly how much they pay per review, US Review of Books pays you to write 250-300 word books reviews. You may order a review for a book that's been on the market for 10 years or for a book that doesn't even have a publication date yet. Pay: $5 to $60. If you are trying to produce a product and develop a secure income for your company or yourself, then reviews are big part of your success. Moreover, it’s one of the few sites that’s transparent about their payment rates (anywhere between $5 to $60). Now that you're an established book reviewer with a few paid clips in your portfolio, the next level is getting your reviews placed in publications—both print and online. but almost all of these services will give the reviewer no exposure (not ideal — especially if you’re looking to build your own profile as a reviewer). Read our fiction book reviews. That daunting reminder aside, Online Book Club’s setup is pretty reasonable, not to mention straightforward. Promote your book to thousands of early book reviewers and book review blogs. To be a part of the Online Book Club, you must first apply on their website. Online Book Club: Online Book Club is a great platform where you can earn between $5 – $60 per book review (depending on the length of the book). At Online Book Club, you can make $5-$60 per book review and you don't even need much experience. You’ll get paid for your honest reviews on books the company sends to you, in an effort to gain more exposure, and positive reviews, for the book. It is very particular about receiving honest reviews about the books you read, so writing a detailed and clear review helps. You can sign up using the quick form and become a member for free. A final way to get paid to write book reviews is through a book blog. Pay formula . How do I become a book reviewer? If your first review is approved, you will get paid for subsequent reviews. Also, print publications may pay a bit better. Any Subject Books. See our featured book reviews. Write for The US Review of Books. An academic book review can often be a part of an assignment where students must show how well they have comprehended the book and offer some critical input on it. The review copies of the book are free (ideal!) First, you need to create an account, which is absolutely free. Online Book Club. Top 5 Paid Indie Book Review Services Compared. For your first review with Online Book Club, you will get the book for free. Read our nonfiction book reviews. Online Book Club. Online Book Club claims to pay and give free books to its book reviewers. For these matters, it is important to contact a lawyer. Is Online Book Club or scam? As you can see, book reviewing really isn’t a gig that compensates well for the time involved. Submit a resume, writing sample, and two or more references. The books are free in return for your review. By far, most of what we do is provide free book reviews to authors. This is a site that has been around for over 10 years and has over 900,000 members. This is for online reviews, paid posts and fake claims left on competitors’ websites. If you deviate from the format, your review can be rejected, which means you don’t get paid. Submit your book for reviews today! Smaller book reviews completely unreliable: albeit all books have fake reviews, the less popular ones are the easiest to swarm with fake reviews; Confirmation bias: people tend to buy what they like, so you get more fans and less critical reviews; Not really a book review site: finally, Amazon reviews is not a content reviews section. If you’re accepted, you can choose from a list of books to review that’s posted on the site. That can make them curious about your work and maybe even buy it. The better your reviews, the more opportunities you’ll have to get paid! A review is a more demanding task that asks you to read a book, think about it and put together a written piece that will tell others whether they should read it, too. For example, romance book reviews we write make the readers want to discover the story themselves. In fact, we provide hundreds and even thousands of free reviews each month to authors from all over the world, from independent authors to best sellers and celebrities. Send ARCs and review copies effortlessly. Paid book reviews work similarly, but you don’t always need a blog for them. Rejected reviews can also hurt your “reviewer score.” This score determines how much you earn for each review. It might net you a wider audience, and certain publications gain you some credibility as a writer/reviewer. Some of the best-known review services include Kirkus, The U.S. Review of Books, Online Book Club, and Publisher’s Weekly — all of which offer a small honorarium in exchange for reviews. Yeah, the temptation is great: if you got bored to death but spent money on it and so decided to read it to the end anyway, you may well want others to do the same. Welcome to our Online Book Club Review! Get Paid To Read Books Setup. Please contact the editor with a resume, sample work, and at least two professional references. 169 shares. Online book reviews from our site can also be requested by students. The company who helps you get free books and then pays you is called Online Book Club. 2 – Online Book Club. The following list of companies all pay you to write book reviews with their book review jobs! You sign up online with your details and you are given a set of books to choose from. Can you really make money with Online Book Club? If your review quality is high enough, you can then start to earn $5-$60 per book review. The most popular book review sites in our catalog have between 10,000 and 70,000 followers. Here are some sites where you can provide paid book reviews or get a new book. We will accept your materials by e-mail or through regular mail.. It is not necessary like you have to give only positive reviews. Wells. All you have to do is to select a book and start to read. -Our editors select about 40 reviews to feature in each issue of the magazine, which we publish twice a month. Grow your ARC team. OnlineBookClub: OnlineBookClub allows readers to post reviews about a particular book. Once you’ve submitted your quality review, you will also get paid for your review. The US Review of Books hires freelance writers to review books for the publication. Then, they will send you a free copy of the book they would like you to review. Here you can read hundreds of books, completely for free - and even better, you can even earn rewards while you're reading from our brand new Digital Artists Online widget on every single book page! It’s difficult to know exactly what you’re getting when you shop for a professional review, so Self-Publishing Review decided to commission a study to look at eleven factors that have been brought to our attention by SPR clients most often, and compared our services to the competition.

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