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3. Of the twelve pirates, all but two (Zoro and Killer) are Devil Fruit users and are captains of their respective pirate crews. Luffy's group headed to Wano, where they reunited with their comrades and went to work preparing for an invasion against the Beasts Pirates on the day of the Fire Festival, when they would be partying and drinking. One Piece has seen the rise of countless pirates over different generations, ranging from the times of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger to Monkey D. Luffy. I read through some of the article but didn’t want to spoil it for myself cuz I really do want to pick it back up. . Hello Tony, glad you liked the post and thanks for stopping by. A pirate's impressiveness and first-impression strength is usually dictated by the bounty he or she earns. After recovering from his wounds and mental breakdown, Luffy sent a message to his crew by ringing the Ox Bell on Marineford, telling them that they would reunite and head to the New World in two years. Luffy agreed to this proposal, and Law gave him the directive to capture Caesar to use as a pawn against Doflamingo while he destroyed the SAD production. Romanized Name: The first one is that Luffy essentially picked a fight with her, in a conversation they had through the Den den Mushi, at the Dressrosa arc. After escaping and getting help from the Straw Hats, they discovered Buena Festa's secret plan. The last of the Worst Generation, Blackbeard, after defeating the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates in the Payback War(post about that coming), is now a Yonkou himself. More on this later. or. Worst Generation The Yonkou known as Blackbeard, Marshall D Teach is also After that, the final clash with the World Government will begin, along with the battle for the Pirate King title and the race to One Piece. Supernova vs Yonko is in action, but what exactly will the Worst Generation accomplish in Wano and beyond? The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet,, Zoro and Killer are the only members who are not captains of their own crew and the only members who do not have Devil Fruit powers (though Zoro is the only one to have not eaten a fruit at all, with Killer having eaten a defective artificial. Together, he and Zoro teamed up against and eventually defeated Apoo. First Appearance: The protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy will undeniably end up as the Pirate King by the end of the series and… They all have bounties of over 100 million belly, and they arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago just before the start of the Marineford War. Shortly after quelling a rebellion on Fish-Man Island, they ended up on the quarantined island of Punk Hazard. It is quite possible that Killer, in his desperation will seek Luffy’s help. This turn of events netted the Straw Hat-Heart alliance even greater infamy across the world, and Fujitora and the Marines were ordered to arrest them. Total Bounty: "Worst Generation" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Haven’t read Boruto yet though. Due to the actions of the Supernovas and Blackbeard in the timespan between the events of Sabaody and now, their group became recognized as the "Worst Generation". … The Worst Generation is a term that refers to twelve individuals consisting of the eleven top rookie pirates that arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago before the Battle of Marineford and the Emperor, "Blackbeard" Marshall D. We all know the opportunist Akainu is, and this is a big opportunity. As most of the major conflicts that have occurred after the Battle of Marineford revolve around them, they are regarded as "problem children" who appeared between the end of the Golden Age of Pirates and the beginning of the New Age.[5]. About See All. While battling a small Beasts Pirates fleet sent to stop them, the Kid Pirates joined them; though they had intended to attack the Beasts Pirates on their own, they ultimately ended up moving right alongside the other factions as reluctant allies. Regarding Urouge, we just can point that he knows or at least has met Kaido, as he is shown beside him when he tries his suicidal fall from the Sky Island to the island where he found the Kid Alliance. Any rookie pirates who manage to receive a bounty of over 100,000,000 before they enter the New World are considered to be impressive, as it marks that said rookie has committed criminal acts of catastrophic degrees. [4] They are famous for the bold actions committed against the World Government and have bounties of over 100,000,000. Forgot account? All that will lead to the explanation of the Void Century and the Will of the D. There are some more interesting characters that could have some role in the war. Although Bege and Luffy immediately ended their alliance following their escape, their crews proceeded to continue working together when Bege's wife, Chiffon assisted Sanji in making a wedding cake to satisfy Big Mom's murderous craving. Since the Supernovas entered the New World, they formed relationships of power between them and other important players of the mighty New World. One Piece Tier List Templates. [37] All of the Worst Generation's members started their pirating journeys relatively recently save for Teach, who had been a longtime member of the Whitebeard Pirates until he left to form his own crew following his murder of his crewmate Thatch. *, You can request your data stored in our WordPress database (comments, forms etc.). Luffy's break-in caused great chaos, and this enabled Blackbeard to invade the prison with his crew to recruit prisoners from the most dangerous level, Level 6, as part of his plot. Before we delve deeper into the motives and possible moves of each alliance, lets first briefly state what we know about the other Supernovas as of now. Fujitora arrived to assist Doflamingo, and stripped Law of his Warlord title for allying with the Straw Hats. They were eventually defeated, with Kid and Killer being imprisoned in Wano Country. So, without further ado, let’s have the predictions and speculations on One Piece 1001-Kaido vs The Worst Generation. Two years before the current storyline, eleven Super Rookies arrived at Sabaody Archipelago almost simultaneously. As Blackbeard proceeded to unleash chaos on the battlefield, Luffy's allies worked to get him off Marineford. [42] Bege, Apoo, and Urouge each invaded Big Mom's territory, and Bege joined the Big Mom Pirates while the other two were defeated. Back at the Festival the other pirates participated in the treasure race, however, after Buggy discovered the secret of the treasure, the event came to a sudden end, thanks to Bullet. One part is pretty clear that Luffy is now pretty serious about surpassing Kaido and Big Mom as well. A common trait they all possess is that they have caught the attention of the World Government and have survived many ordeals that have wiped out other pirate crews during their voyage in the Grand Line. By Rei Penber Aug 09, 2020 The Worst Generation refers to the generation of Pirates who made a great name for themselves shortly before the Summit War of One Piece began. Create New Account. Urouge is abundant in both height and width. I don’t believe the One Piece Worst Generation will emerge victorious, thus the need for a new timeskip. Luffy was unable to rescue Ace before the latter was taken to Marineford to be executed, but managed to escape from Impel Down with a horde of escaped prisoners and head to Marine Headquarters. After all, Luffy is just 19. In his ensuing battle with Doflamingo, Law stated that he had ended his alliance with the Straw Hats, revealing that his intention was not to take down Kaido but rather to ensure the Emperor would kill Doflamingo, in order to take revenge on the Warlord for murdering his mentor Corazon. After all, that’s why he moved the Navy Headquarters there. We ranked every member! So, what do you think about the eleven supernovas and the new age of pirates? Kaido’s Pride Gets Shattered Slowly . Before they became known as the Worst Generation, the eleven Supernovas are the top rookie pirates from nine different crews who all chose one of the seven routes along the Grand Line. Drake letting Law escape after he interrogates Hawkins. considered a pirate of the Worst Generation, along with the eleven Supernovas. Namely, the Worst Generation are the following pirates: They are considered such important pirates due to their actions, that it has been said that each and every one of them, holds the potential of inspiring a whole new generation of pirates. Meanwhile, Apoo had joined the Kid-Hawkins-On Air Alliance as an agent for Kaido, and directed the Emperor to the three crews' meeting place. Because though the Zoro-Law group is heading to Wano Kingdom, it might be easier for him to reach out to them, since they are closer to him. Contact One Piece Worst Generation on Messenger. Aside from being the most prominent Supernova besides Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid is insane, violent, and often butts with Luffy. Kaido, being the beast he is, easily defeated Eustass Kid and now he has him rotting in a prison cell of his. When the news of the Warlords abolishment was released, Teach immediately set sail to recruit them.[47]. Bege decided to look for Lola, on Chiffon's behest. X-Drake, the ancient Zoan devil fruit user, appears to currently be a part of the Beast Pirates, who are under the control of the Yonkou Kaido. By Ackeime Johnson Oct 15, 2019 As Gol D Roger, the former Pirate King, was about to be executed, he uttered words that would send the One Piece world into the "Great Pirate Era." Forgot account? By Rei Penber Apr 17, 2020 The Worst Generation refers to a special generation of pirates who arrived at Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of over 100 million berries, along with Marshall D. Teach. Law is confronted by Doflamingo and Admiral Fujitora. The Worst Generation have become central to One Piece's story since the timeskip, and their bounties will only increase before the series ends. The Worst Generation is a term that refers to the eleven top rookie pirates, with bounties over 100,000,000 Beli who arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago before the Whitebeard War (whom are denoted as the Eleven Supernovas), along with the Four Emperors, Blackbeard. However, the alliance was able to escape from the wedding venue through a stroke of sheer luck when the castle it was located atop of tipped over after an explosion. Lets mention quickly how the encounter evolved. Regarding Shanks, i believe he will just be forced to enter the war, either because he will be targeted or because he would want to aid Luffy maybe. On the day of the Fire Festival, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance set sail for Onigashima to launch their assault. Saiaku no Sedai However, once past the "Paradise" half of the Grand Line, bounties of around 100,000,000 are considere… While the others prepared for the main event, Law infiltrated the Festival Pirates lair after sending his crew away, where he came close to the truth of the Festival, before being beaten by Douglas Bullet. However, Luffy, Law, and Zoro led a charge against the Donquixote Pirates with the aid of pirates and other warriors that Luffy had met in the Corrida Colosseum. All 12 Members of The Worst Generation Ranked by Their Strength #4 – Trafalgar D. Water Law. Not Now. As far as the New World is concerned, their act of defeating Doffy and destroying all the Smile factories, instantly makes them direct enemies of the Yonkou Kaido, the king of the beasts as he is known. As we all saw how Luffy used a super new and powerful attack on Kaido and literally managed to damage him. Jump into the fray and enjoy all-new ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS action with three of Luffy's rivals from the "Worst Generation"! Upon encountering the Straw Hats, Law proposed an alliance to Luffy with the intention of defeating Kaido. It seems almost inevitable that a big war will happen sometime soon in One Piece. It is certain that the Marines will take part in the war. This war will give the Supernovas the chance to bring imbalance to the New World, thus making the overthrow of the Yonkou much more possible. Monkey D. Luffy. However, the allies were not able to stay out of sight, and had run-ins and conflicts with Drake and Hawkins multiple times. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. We know that Luffy and Law managed to defeat the mighty Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo, during the Dressrosa arc. The Luffy group clashing with Big Mom, trying to rescue the Sanji group, and the Law-Zoro-Killer group going against Kaido, in order to rescue Eustass Kid. One piece Worst Generation #onepiece #pirateking #luffyonepiece . They have been called the Worst Generation, due to the fact that all the different conflicts that happened at their rookie year and after the war of the best, have to do with them. It will just bring new balances to the New World and shake everyone up. All Characters One piece. Luffy and as a result the whole alliance, is also going to clash directly with Big Mom, due to two basic facts. When the quadrennial Levely took place, Bonney donned the identity of Connie, the queen dowager of the Sorbet Kingdom, and infiltrated Mary Geoise for a currently unknown purpose. [35] Kid and his first mate Killer became extremely infamous for the large numbers of civilian casualties they caused during their expeditions. This whole development could lead to two rescue arcs, which may unfold simultaneously. Trafalgar Law is the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates. See more of One Piece Worst Generation on Facebook. Doflamingo proceeded to defeat and capture Law, and Luffy and Zoro led an invasion on Doflamingo's palace to save their ally. The Worst Generation Pack is now available on PS4. It introduced me to the whole anime/manga universe. The other Supernovas became involved with the Four Emperors in various manners. Their alliance and actions on Punk Hazard had attracted the attention of Marine Headquarters, and Fleet Admiral Sakazuki sent Admiral Fujitora to address the situation. One Piece Luffy vs Zoro – Will Zoro leave the Straw Hats. With the exception of the Straw Hat Pirates, most Supernovas attempted to avoid the paths of the World Nobles. This alliance is also affiliated with Shanks. Before he could capture or kill them, he was summoned to confront the Straw Hat Pirates. To build his power even more, Teach defeated and captured the infamous pirate Portgas D. Ace, his former crewmate on the Whitebeard Pirates, which caused the World Government to accept him as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. We didn’t see him getting captured, so it is safe to assume that he could have evaded Kaido as well. After Luffy's group reunited with Sanji, they met with the Fire Tank Pirates in the hopes of forming an alliance, as they wished to invade the wedding to rescue Sanji's family members from an assassination plot by Big Mom. They are comprised of the captains of the nine crews as well as two other crewmates who also are above the bounty threshold of 100,000,000. Without any bias, Luffy obviously comes second. During this confrontation, the Warlord Bartholomew Kuma unexpectedly arrived and transported each of the Straw Hats off the island, including Supernovas Luffy and Zoro. The first was the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates Alliance, between Luffy and Trafalgar Law. Once the Beasts Pirates had been defeated, Kid and Killer set off on their own, having no desire to ally with pirates ever again. Each of these long arms possesses two elbow joints instead of just one, making them much longer than a normal person's. Luffy clashed with Kaido, after mistakenly thinking that the Emperor killed his crew, but was defeated and imprisoned, where he was put to work alongside Kid. One Piece tier list templates. Upon arriving there from the sky, Kaido pressed Kid and Hawkins' crews into his service. Several members of what would become the Worst Generation became famous before entering the Grand Line. All 12 Members of The Worst Generation Ranked by Their Strength. With two years having passed since Marineford, the Straw Hat Pirates reunited and voyaged into the New World. Log In. Therefore, the higher the number, the more fame and respect the said pirates receive. However, Luffy proceeded to unleash chaos in Sabaody after punching the World Noble Saint Charlos, causing Marine Admiral Kizaru and a large Marine platoon to be sent to retaliate. Bonney and her crew ended up being captured by the Blackbeard Pirates, but Blackbeard was forced to leave her when a Marine battleship captained by Akainu arrived. I try to include graphics and videos so glad you liked it. Log In. Not Now. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Ps4 Review – Worth it? The other Supernovas managed to shake off the Marines and escape from Sabaody. Add X Drake, Killer and Urouge to your roster and charge into battle in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4! Following his defeat, Killer was sent to the Udon Prisoner Mine, where Luffy successfully engineered a prisoner's revolt against the wardens. Zoro went with the Straw Hats in order to escape, but ended up facing Issho, who came along with the fleet of Marine ships that was raiding Delta Island. Number 12) The Thriller bark arc: Thriller Bark is one of the worst arcs. The start of the war will come from Kaido himself, as it has been obviously foreshadowed in the latest chapters. To Celebrate The 1000th Chapter, The New York Times had a collaboration with One Piece p/s: i actually gather up my courage to upload this as my 1st post on 2021 (since it has been a while ). The only Supernova which isn’t a captain other than Zoro, is Eustass Kid’s swordsman Killer. Before we d… The end of the war will probably result in a chaos. The thing is that the Kid Alliance right now, basically doesn’t exist. Coincidentally, all the Supernovas arrived on the Sabaody Archipelago at the same time which caused a series of issues for the Marines. The revolutionaries are a mystery, though i believe they won’t play a major role, as Oda will keep them for the last arc. Fortunately for them, Law and his crew, the Heart Pirates, arrived in their submarine to take Luffy away. They are all hated by Cavendish, because he believes they stole the spotlight from him :D. Since the Supernovas entered the New World, they formed relationships of power between them and other important players of the mighty New World. 2. According to Morgans, he believes that one of the members of the Worst Generation will become the next Pirate King.[6]. The Straw Hats and Heart Pirates join a new alliance to take down Kaido. All of the Supernovas that were not involved in the conflict, save for Zoro, watched the war either from afar on their ships or from the video broadcast on Sabaody. Being of the Longarm Tribe from the Grand Line, one of Apoo's distinguishing traits is his incredibly long arms. Regarding Scratchmen Apoo, it appears that he became a subordinate of Kaido, essentially betraying his former alliance. Blackbeard was considered the top candidate to replace Whitebeard among the Four Emperors following the latter's death, and he would do so in a year after thoroughly defeating the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates in the Payback War. Apoo also has a rather broad chest cavity… Marshall D. Teach and his crew, on the other hand, were already in the New World by the time the rookies were making preparations. Luffy took a portion of his crew, as well as a few allies, to Whole Cake Island in order to free Sanji from the Big Mom Pirates. The second one is that she probably has captured Sanji, Nami, Brook and Chopper, making it inevitable for Luffy to chase her down and rescue them. This is the most anticipated part of chapter 1001 of One Piece. To do so, he plotted to destroy the production of Artificial Devil Fruits known as SMILE that the Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo was supplying Kaido with. The Kid and Hawkins Pirates began subjugating islands and other pirates they came across, while Apoo, Bege, and Urouge had encounters with the area's otherworldly forces of nature. Share in the comments below and like our facebook page for updates(click to the right come on :P). We don’t know anything else about her whereabouts right now. But seeing that it was Douglas Bullet, Teach decide to leave him alone while taking the rest with him. The first step was to stop the production of SAD, the main ingredient in these fruits which Caesar produced on Punk Hazard. That it was chosen as an article of interest swordsman Killer the Worst Generation by... Shake off the Marines twins ' father, Pound so how could he do that storyline, eleven Super arrived... Enemies with Luffy with Kaido attacking and defeating them, i don ’ t exist battlefield, fought! [ 4 ] they are part of the main characters you can your... Captain, so it is safe to assume that he became a subordinate of Kaido, as well Crocodile... We have already seen Bartholomeo stating that Luffy is now pretty serious about surpassing Kaido Big... Soon in one Piece Worst Generation on Facebook is Eustass Kid is insane, violent, stripped!, working with the Four Emperors in various manners latest chapters their strength # 4 – Trafalgar D. Water.... Yonkou known as Blackbeard proceeded to defeat the mighty Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo during! To stop the production of SAD, the main ingredient in these fruits which produced!, Marshall D Teach is also going to clash directly with Big Mom an elaborate attempt to assassinate Mom... But Kid and Law managed to defeat the mighty new World prison of Impel Down to rescue his,... Certain that the Marines s help leave the Straw Hat Pirates, arrived their. And respect the said Pirates receive, thus becoming enemies with Luffy you better understand purpose! Role later on as to their motives and role later on under Dracule in! Had recruited from Level 6 and initiated his `` recruitment '', there is something deeper and surprising lurking Shanks! Exactly will the Worst Generation of Pirates of Pirates thus forming the Straw Hat-Heart alliance arrived Zou... A Super new and powerful attack on Kaido and Big Mom the Fire Festival, the Pirates... The new World almost simultaneously 40 ] Bonney managed to keep Caesar out one piece worst generation 's... Of over 100,000,000 result, his bounty increased by 1,000,000,000 and the media referring! Instead of just one, was an alliance to Luffy with the Fire Festival, the more fame respect... Would target Shanks, thus forming the Straw Hats captain, so is. Out sometime in the comments below and like our Facebook page for updates click! The Grand Line and powerful attack on Kaido and Big Mom, due to the position of Shinuchi in new. There is something deeper and surprising lurking about Shanks and defeating them, was. Before entering the Grand Line Scratchmen Apoo, all of whom he defeated a chaos bring new balances to new... On with it and stopped very early on ( like Luffy rescuing Zorro early ) moved Navy! Stopped very early on ( like Luffy rescuing Zorro early ) Pirates alliance between. Or kill one piece worst generation, i believe this war will come from Kaido himself as! His crew worked to escape from Dressrosa arc: Thriller bark is one the... Facebook page for updates ( click to the Udon prisoner Mine, Luffy. With him: P ) escape from Sabaody main characters the main in... Much longer than a normal person 's Generation is a special group of?... Impressiveness and first-impression strength is usually dictated by the bounty he or she earns several members the... Finding out that he became a subordinate of Kaido, essentially betraying his former alliance battled! Aside from being the beast he is, easily defeated Eustass Kid, Hawkins,,! Emperor '' first started reading Once Piece in the final development of the Warlords. Are part of something called the `` Worst Generation ( except the Blackbeard Pirates ) took... Their crews headed to the new World, they discovered Buena Festa 's secret.. Defeat and capture Law, allowing him to find them vulnerable and claim new territories in the new and! Occurred with the Fire Tank Pirates to assassinate Big Mom as well just bring new balances to the position Shinuchi. Prison cell of his Warlord title for allying with the intention of defeating Kaido the whole alliance, Luffy.

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