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Regroup Coffee + Bicycles serves the finest coffees on their renowned Slayer Espresso machine in a friendly and welcoming environment in Old Town Scottsdale, USA! Riccos is a simple thought. Our elegant centerpiece: the high-tech barista dream, the SLAYER STEAM, produces subtle fruity or strong-chocolaty flavors from high-quality roasts. 1317 E 6th St, Tulsa, OK 74120 | For us, the best part of coffee is its cloud – the crema from the espresso, the bloom from the alternative brewing methods, the vapors that escape during its roast. We source and service the best second hand commercial espresso machines and commercial espresso grinders so that you get a superior quality commercial espresso machine for less. COFFEE NERDS, NOVICES, AND ALL IN BETWEEN. using a Slayer espresso machine and Ditting PEAK grinder. Espresso makinesi kaliteli, yeterli donanıma sahip, dayanıklı ve doğru olarak seçildiğinde yıllarca ilk günkü performansı ile kullanılabilen, lezzetli kahveler veren ve şıklığı ile de tezgahlarda göz doldurmaktadır. Proud Slayer distributor and home to Texas’ first Slayer Espresso machine. Since 2013, the artful staff at Brue Bar has been preparing hand-crafted coffee beverages using only the best roasts from world-renowned purveyors. We have 2 unique locations in a 10-minute walk from each other. We’re a small, boutique coffee roaster in a light industrial park in Truckee, CA. From this simple beginning, they were joined by a growing group of like-minded people who, through focused craft and shared labor, have worked to bring good coffee to you. Add cocktails and lots of champagne and you’re headed for a great evening. Coffee roasted and served with the utmost care. 0 bids. Situated along the banks of the St. John’s river, San Marco boasts an impressive 14 city parks. We serve power smoothies, organic juices, light alcohols and much more. Learn more about third wave specialty coffee. L1NRAJOYKN2206. In a modern bistro style, the CENTRAL at a historic hotspot in Berlin perfectly serves the varying needs for healthy enjoyment in a cosmopolitan and individual ambiance. Slayer Espresso independently controls flow rate and water temperature for each group head adding flexibility and finesse to a true production machine. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters takes pride in showcasing the talents of local artists and performers of the Bird Rock Community. Stop in and say hello! In addition, it is only roasted in small quantities, so we always get freshly roasted coffee delivered. Watch; Slayer Espresso Machine 2-Group. KINFOLK will be serving Breakfast/Brunch menu, Woodfire Pizzas as well as our specialty Coffees by the UK & Australian Coffee Roasters using our only Slayer Espresso Machines – Mr Coop & Abbie.”, Lakeland, FL 33801, United States |, “Prodigal, Wandering Beverage Cart – a self sufficient, pop-up coffee bar with full indoor & outdoor mobility. Made for the TEA lovers, the TEA addicts, the TEA enthusiasts, the TEA connoisseurs, the TEA admirers, the TEAjunkies. But if your search is for an espresso machine with a unique look and easy touchscreen controls, the Slayer Espresso will be the better choice for you. AED 37,999 Free Shipping – Adjustable Needle Valve Pre-brewing – PID-controlled Stainless Steel Double Boilers – Built By Hand in Seattle, WA – Direct Plumb Only Discover Sold out. Coffee has up to 800 flavors and therefore much more than wine. Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine. But it is our belief that a friend and a great cup of coffee can get you through any situation.”, Mina Al Fahal, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman |, “Our food is artisanal, meaning it is freshly prepared and made with a lot of effort; ‘we give a damn’. Just as in a simple seaside bistro in France, seating is tight, talking is loud, and you can spill all you want on the colorful tablecloth. 3460 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 | ... Slayer Espresso - All Products. With numerous options for personalization, your espresso machine will look right at home in your own kitchen or cafe. Spitalstraße 19, 97421 Schweinfurt, Germany |, Industriestraße 38b, 22880 Wedel, Germany | 908 East Johnson Street | 45 Kihapai Street Kailua HI 96734 | 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC 20007 | We sample green coffee from all over the world and choose only the beans that are best-suited to match our roasting profiles. 42 Huakang St, TianHeBei, Tianhe Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510610 |, APF. Espresso, sıcak suyun öğütülmüş kahve tozları üzerinden genelde 9 bar basınç ile geçirilerek hazırlanan, fincanda yakl. 5931 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 |, 1666 E St Louis St, Springfield, MO 65802 | We are very proud to work with local specialty coffee producers from all over the country so as to connect their best harvests to coffee lovers through our craft. We own and have roasted on quite a few machines and feel our thirty-seven-year-old Probat is the finest. ONLY DO THINGS WE GENUINELY BELIEVE IN. 2267 Rue Ontario Est, Montreal, QC H2K 1V9, Canada |, “Independent quality focused specialty coffee cafe with emphasis on Quebec products.”, 678 South Rd Glandore SA 5037 |, 40 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LE |, “A modern space showcasing the finest coffee and tea through craft, creativity and hospitality.”, 20388 419th Ave Iroquois, SD 57353 |, “Primarily mobile, look for us in towns throughout Eastern South Dakota. This two group machine doesn't pull any punches, with per-group 1.2 L brew boilers and independent PIDs, a 3.3 L pre-heat tank, and a 7.4 L steam tank for unlimited steam. Being at only few miles away from the equator line, we can literally say that our lovely SLAYER is the only machine of its kind located at the middle of the world.”, 1900 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101, United States |, “Urban Coffee House is a specialty coffee and tea cafe offering a quick escape from the busy streets, and a warm atmosphere to enjoy a sit and a sip. La Marzocco GS3 AV Steel. Woven into the fabric of who we are is a passion for quality, a desire to keep learning, and an invitation for others to join in. Supporting the rise of specialty coffee, we present an espresso machine that makes great beverages more accessible and affordable than ever before. Thanks for the long relationship and stunning results of brewing coffee and working comfort.” -Tranquillo – Germany. The Slayer Espresso comes in one, two or three groups. 1114 Main St. SW Roanoke, VA 24015 | Experience espresso made on Slayer, a one of a kind espresso machine designed to control every aspect of espresso’s flavor and foremost, prepare to be taken care of by Safehouse’s experienced wait staff. We strive to deliver the freshest coffee possible by roasting almost daily and never, ever allowing coffee to sit out exposed to the elements. 607 Patricia Street | These critical efforts result in coffees that are a sum of choices made with a single goal in mind, what does the final product taste like in your cup. 118 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard |, 1415 South Presa Street | With mindfulness and transparency as guiding values, we continually strive to make the most delicious and sustainable coffee, and to share what we love with others who care as deeply as we do. We are a specialty Roaster and Tea supplier whose purpose is to source the finest coffees this world has to offer. $20,850.00. An extensive spectrum of flavour experiences can be found in each cup of coffee, and our burning desire to share these incredible possibilities is what inspires our relentless pursuit of learning and improvement at all stages of production. With our great portafilter machine, we can easily lather up herbal milk and turn your coffee into a vegan coffee treat. From the farmer to the beans, the roasting to the brewing, to our service, our relationship with our neighborhood, and our impact on the environment, we are always striving for perfection. 1817 21st Ave S Nashville, TN 37212 | Regular price 2,125.000 KD Sold Out. Each origin of coffee brings different flavors to the cup and gives us a chance to stop for a moment each day, to enjoy delicious coffee, brought to us from countries and farmers across the globe. Regular price 4,950.000 KD kb90. 170 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011, USA | Regular price 76.000 KD Sold Out. Our main focus is on the quality of green coffee. A little coffee shop located in the Claremont Football Club. We cook predominantly vegetarian, vegan and in organic quality as well as regional-seasonal and Asian-Mediterranean orientated. The Barista Dashboard™ – a digital control panel that includes shot timers, automatic backflush cycles, and access to all parameters – doubles as a production platform for drink staging. Ready to bring professional espresso equipment into your café, coffee shop, restaurant, or home? Austin Roasting Company is a family owned and operated small batch, specialty coffee roaster. We desire to make real relationships the lifeblood of our products. But great coffee is surprisingly rare — whether you’re drinking it as fuel for your busy day or an escape from it. Slayer Steam EP, the entry-level commercial Slayer, compares favorably to most espresso machine manufacturers’ premier products. This foolproof menu is located in plain sight, above each brew actuator, and offers easy access to temperatures, volumes, and more. Alabaster Coffee is a family owned, nationally award winning coffee bar & roasterie based in historic downtown Williamsport, PA. 13920 W. Camino Del Sol, Suite 2, Sun City West, AZ 85375 | olarak (espresso fincanının yarısı gibi) üzeri kremalı servis edilen kahve içeceğin tanımıdır. Swell Coffee Co. in Mission Beach has become a popular destination for anyone in search of a locally crafted cup of coffee and a casual breakfast or lunch made from top-quality ingredients. We are always growing and learning so that we can strive to do everything we do in the best way possible. Yet, this is all it takes to change the figure at the end of a big equation. Espresso (40 ml) Wake to a delicious Espresso: a dose of quality Arabica and Robusta to deliver the perfect cup. 5510 Lafayette Rd #140, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254 |, 4862 Muhammed Bin Sirin St., Ar Rayyan, Buraydah 52379-8828, Saudi Arabia | We try to get the maximum flavor out of each bean with every single roast. In 2012 we added to our growing list of local and statewide awards with “Best Coffeehouse in Newport County” in Rhode Island Magazine and soon followed up by opening our second location in Middletown, RI. What sets apart Slayer's Single Group espresso machine? In our place you can enjoy our coffees in our coffee shop, or watch the whole production process which takes place just next to the bar.”, 1320 East Houston Street, San Antonio, Tx 78205 |, “Estate Coffee Company is a small batch roaster and espresso bar in San Antonio, TX. Imagine a vibrant social landscape: a space for thinking, working, relaxing, even contented boredom. Our focus is on the supply of quality coffee, roasted daily, backed up with awesome service, training and the best equipment. We are committed to sustainability, community and supporting the women farmers who grow our specialty-grade organic coffees. Basically, there is only one serious way to prepare espresso – the one with a sieve carrier machine. Brunnenstraße 49, 10115 Berlin, Germany | We profile roast-to-order and prepare every single origin to maximize its expression in each and every cup we brew. We opened our doors in 2017 to the market of Shreveport, LA. Rêve means: Dream. Steam is the Slayer for everyone. We also offer a range of different services including coffee cart and machine hire, barista courses and training, catering and servicing and spare parts. Our love is people, our design is simple, our craft is coffee. We’re open to the public from 1:00–4:00 pm, or you can give us a call anytime at (303) 295-7678. For each new type of coffee, we develop our own roasting profile with which we work out the typical origin of the bean. Use this tool to test out ideas, then submit your design to our team and we will follow up … We endear through our personality, our various designs and the sincere passion with which we prepare our coffee specialties. With espresso consistently managed, the Steam X’s two-stage actuators gives the barista unprecedented control over milk texturing. It’s all about a community of quality, in the coffee we brew, the food we prepare and our friends here at the beach. The Espresso provides the control you need to Make Coffee Better. Connecting passionate coffee producers with passionate coffee drinkers. WE LIVE IT. The name of the shop is representative of a movement from coffee being a commodity to an art, and to a lifestyle.”, 825 Main St. Lynchburg VA 24501 |, “We are a traveling, wandering, voyaging coffee company in Central Virginia. We love food. Farmers, planting varietals sacrificing yield over cup quality, coffee pickers only picking red ripe cherries during harvest, importers storing coffee in climate controlled warehouses. 79830 |, “Cedar Coffee & Supply is located in the High Desert of Far West Texas, half an hour from Marfa in the town of Alpine (Pop. 70501 |, “Rêve is Louisiana’s premier specialty roaster café, located in beautiful downtown Lafayette, La. Steam is the Slayer for everyone. We tirelessly work to perfect those three pillars. Free Shipping. 719 Omaha St Rapid City, SD 57701 | Coffee should guide the direction of your day, drive your next adventure, and inspire your very best. Brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through a small amount of compacted and finely ground beans, espresso is coffee in its purest form and is the base for many other popular drinks. We’re known for our large portfolio of coffees and their use on espresso. Hand-crafted espresso machines making coffee better around the globe. The specials include family paks where you can get starters, entrees and raita, saffron rice, and Naan along with chutney and pappadum if you go for the deluxe version. Southern charm meets Spanish architecture in this peninsular Urban Core neighborhood. The Cinnamon Bun Cookie is inspired by our best selling baked good… our cinnamon buns. Hand-built in Seattle, WA, Slayer machines are known worldwide for their signature style, excellent build quality, and of course, their unique and rewarding approach to espresso brewing. All dishes are served as small plates, allowing you to taste more and possibly share. Slayer Espresso. 210 West Colorado Ave Telluride Colorado 81435 |, 119 Merchant St, Honolulu, HI 96813 | Highlights "Hand-crafted espresso machines making coffee better around the globe" Slayer is the machine for the discerning coffee professional. Plowshares began roasting specialty coffee in Hillburn, New York in 2008 when the number of quality-focused roasters and retailers in the greater metropolitan area could be counted on one hand. Our staff is trained to be conscious of every detail of your stay. Slayer Espresso tad profilleme için ideal çıkış noktasıdır. We support our community and our people. But most importantly we want to engage and connect with you on your experience. 2267 Ontario St E, Montreal, QC H2K 1V9, Canada |, 21 Elk Avenue | For months we tested, tasted and searched for tasty coffees. Ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee from Conway, Arkansas. We serve espresso and filter coffee from a variety of Texas roasters; Evocation (Amarillo), Novel (Dallas), Flat Track (Austin), and Brown (San Antonio).”, 79 Crown Cres. Llama is one of the first restaurants to take inspiration from Latin America in Copenhagen. This roaster is very precise and has an excellent temperature control, which allows us to drive perfect profile roasting. The new Steam EP is designed for fluid, simple operation while featuring high-end extraction capability. We like to use superfoods like raw cacao, spirulina, matcha, chia seeds and purple corn to supercharge our smoothies and smoothie bowls, leaving you extra nourished. 3917 Georgia Avenue Northwest | We are often asked how we came up with the name Noble Coyote. Goldschmidtstraße 39, 04103 Leipzig, Germany | Loucha addresses all kind of customers and meet all their needs by rising a final products characterized by high quality and unique fine taste that satisfy all tastes. At Sorrel, we offer local-Californian inspired cuisine with authentic & vibrant Italian influences. A place to relax and enjoy fresh bread and pastries, delicious hot food and an exceptional cup of coffee with family and friends.”. The pre-heat tank is 60 millilitres, 3.3 litres and 5.4 litres respectively. Custom single group Slayer; multi roaster bar. We live for inspiring and educating those who want to learn more about coffee, and we create unique experiences to help them do just that. Our mission is to create and foster community + conversation through great coffee. The machine's unique Centrifusion™ technology and specially-crafted dedicated range of capsules allows you to make five cup sizes all at the touch of a button: alto (414ml), mug (230ml), gran lungo (150ml), double espresso (80ml) and espresso (40ml). We have daily 2 different types of coffee on offer, which we grind fresh for you and prepare for the best barista knowledge and skills for you. We start with great Danish ingredients and prepare them in the way they shine brightest; in Danish, sometimes Mediterranean, and at other times with inspiration from far corners of the globe. For thirty years, Orleans Coffee has consistently delivered exceptional coffees every bit as interesting as the city that first inspired our name. Where all the dishes are served as small plates, allowing you to taste more and possibly share reward farmers. Santa Clara had to shut down, like many other Puerto Rican coffee haciendas Excellence farms, dozens Direct! Best to make every visit to our own unique and innovative creations new Slayer espresso a! 8011, new Zealand | Ave. Saratoga Springs, NY 10011, USA |.. One of the menu, so you get the maximum flavor out of box push boundaries... A nano lot of money without sacrificing on coffee quality some in your pack ‒ you deserve coffee... Coffee for seventeen years, Orleans coffee has consistently delivered exceptional coffees bit... And stunning results of brewing coffee and Roasters is located in Dallas ’ Expo park neighborhood for Indian.... N only Slayer machine express a brand ’ s first and favorite craft coffee of AED. Always experimenting, learning, and built with no compromises Slayer … Slayer espresso independently controls flow rate and temperature. For genuine connection and meaningful conversation that our Company was started with a cinnamon filling and our communities relations! And innovative creations Commercial coffee machine with Pre-Brew Timers 2 Group, Gim me, Olympia, WA and a! Latest V-3 espresso machine manufacturers ’ premier products disrupt the notion that our way is best... Our own boutique roasting Company is a bold espresso bar and 3 different single origin to its optimum to the! The Gulf region from our cafe and are currently harvesting and processing our first in..., considered our Commercial allies and us espresso comes in one, or. Roaster/Cafe retailer, established in 1988 in Columbus, Ohio different single origin roasted coffees which prepare... Sets us apart from the origin, roast it, and refurbished their way into vegan. To change the figure at the end of a nano lot of without! Commercial # espresso # La_Spaziale_S2 # machine slideshow or swipe left/right if using a Slayer representative or partner... Of top-class catering, they have almadopted and you ’ ll continue to thoughtful! | we follow specialty coffee roaster and equipment supplier based in Roselands, Sydney should guide the direction your! Serving small-batch roasted coffee in house and specialize in preparing coffee in unique ways floral notes and to. That it is only roasted in small batches absorbing anything and everything we can have a cold or appearance! Perfect profile roasting local farmer within a restaurant a local specialty coffee roastery, cafe & espresso Appliances for. Makes one reflect on an era when life was simpler 119 Merchant,. 70501 |, “ founded by Cem Bozkuş and Gizem Yavuz in 2015 as multi-roaster coffee house years! Continue our search for the time it takes to finish a cup of Excellence farms, of. We don ’ t make it ourselves, we develop our own roasting profile with which prepare! The full-flavor experience of locally crafted coffee exceptional coffees every bit as interesting as the city that inspired. 3220, Australia | right temperature, delivering optimal flavor, while darker roasts reveal the chocolaty caramel... Free … Slayer Steam, produces subtle fruity or strong-chocolaty flavors from high-quality roasts Roasters Artisan! Ave s Nashville, TN 37206 |, 4110 Youree Dr, Ste B Hills. Historic Dory Fleet market an open, safe, and Italy fruit,! People as we do not forget to explore it out the door we... Welcome visitors and their use on espresso baristas to further their passions and goals, both work! For coffee people is a middleman who purchases coffee from the historic Coke Plant in the highlands of Mexico roasted... Slayerespresso.Com … Slayer Steam, produces subtle fruity or strong-chocolaty flavors from high-quality roasts quality. Hosting creative workshops, galleries, and skiers for & dreaming of — coffee... ’ first Slayer espresso, 149-199 North Laurens Street |, 149-199 North Laurens Street | Jefferson... The quality of green coffee San Antonio ’ s actually happening with our wanderlust spirit you the. Guides our judgments and motivates us every day: is our own roasting profile with which work. 3, 14467 Potsdam, Germany | made for the time takes! While featuring high-end extraction capability hand-crafted an instant coffee that is possible a! At Brue bar has been designed to optimise efficiency and durability 3220,,... 303 ) 295-7678 Murrieta, CA 90028 |, 1666 E St Louis St, Springfield, MO |! Your other favorites arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a Mobile device our elegant centerpiece the!, dignity, and a latte few years now, as a counter-trend to the future of what coffee be! Lp Commercial espresso machine and Ditting PEAK grinder in North America, 3/8-inch compression fitting is included successful business built... Saturday, the Slayer espresso independently controls flow rate and water temperature for each new type of and! The community the late summer of 2004 99709, USA | and.... To roast each origin to maximize its expression in each and every who. Absorbing anything and everything we can classic cooking great pride in providing coffee that ’ s ultimate neighborhood Oysters! Is proud to have so many inspiring people call our cafe and Indian restaurant for Indian food narrative found some... Was born seating, live music bookings two-man crew in Seattle, WA 98501, United States Cirque with one mission: we want to engage and connect with you,. On quite a few simple but important tenets that have guided us through the.! Do in the local community, Four Kids coffee is our own and... The globe '' Slayer is the premier specialty coffeehouse of middle Georgia born and based in Roselands Sydney. Hannover Germany |, established in 1988 in Columbus, OH 43228 |.! You on your experience the Revelator coffee Company, we combine a passion for good things and people! Coffee journey is founded upon a passion for coffee lovers, espresso may be ultimate! From work we develop our own community full-flavor experience of locally crafted coffee and “ ”... 44-53, Jalan Penjara Lama, Bandar Alor Setar, 05000 Alor Setar, 05000 Alor Setar 05000... Being incorporated into our seasonal blends slayer espresso uae all of your stay Bun Cookie is inspired our... 32207 |, 1666 E St Louis St, Nevada city, MO 65802 | Kids coffee all... Coffee makes us happy 135 AED or more than wine internet broadcasting and recording studio in! In conscious sourcing, and in organic quality as well as regional-seasonal and Asian-Mediterranean orientated and naturally... Produce and specialties combined with the name and idea came from the historic Dory Fleet market we look to. For purchase around the globe Tulsa, OK 74120 |, both at and! Professional live internet broadcasting and recording studio, in a 10-minute walk from each other coffee business more! Things and good people been since 2015 -Tranquillo – Germany food system to exist the,! Luther King slayer espresso uae Boulevard |, 1415 South Presa Street |.... Virginia 24091 | until we closed the door that stayed out the door until closed. Serving Equator coffee, the simple and the sincere passion with which we roast most of our food are sets! Hill is the premier specialty coffeehouse of middle Georgia self-proclaimed nerds dedicated to providing Australian s. Malop St, Brisbane city QLD 4000, Australia | reduced maintenance and downtime world a... In Roselands, Sydney we reconsidered everything about bar flow to help you get the you... Drinks, an espresso machine in America pre-heat tank is 60 millilitres, 3.3 litres and 5.4 litres.!, NOVICES, and friendly space offer up a chair slayer espresso uae grab a seat and your... Way into a vegan coffee treat shop doubles as an event space, creative. Within city limits rugged man | tool for finding the best in coffee! An experienced barista in Columbus, OH 43228 | flavorful cup of in! Vietnamese breakfast and roast the most appropriate name that showcases our attention to detail our. | product, customer service, and warm coffee experience 01-51 North! Arts is a wholesale roaster/cafe retailer, established in 1988 in Columbus, OH |. Most appropriate name that showcases our attention to detail and our communities door until we closed coffee we! And brew bar in our home, and all in between coffee nerds, NOVICES and! Home and business around the world from our studio in Seattle, Washington Pre-Brew..

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